_ How We Work

Our unique insights will transform the results of your company

Insight47 was founded with only one goal, to transform your business with our unique actionable insights, and not just reports full of technical words. Instead of explaining essential things in a far-fetched and hard to understand way, we prize for simple, straight forward, and personalized strategies to help your company to overtake competitors and increase profits.

Find out how your business can thrive


Our experience shows that business owners are so involved in managing day-to-day tasks that they have no time to get away from the post, think outside the box, and plan the future.​ We understood that, and this is why Insight47 meetings with you are after hours, to let you be devoted to your clients and your business during working hours. It is amazing to see how easy the insights pop up without the usual daily interruptions.


We are not a traditional consultancy, nor an agency.

  • We will get deep on knowing your business and market segment

  • We focus on the customers’ experience, with a detailed view of the customers’ journey

  • We create custom frameworks to meet your needs

  • We design 360° strategies that integrate online and offline media, content, and promotion

  • For execution, we offer a number of high-quality affordable services

Our Process

Our Toronto Marketing Consultant Company is focused on transforming your business with our unique actionable insights.



We want to know about your business

To develop the big picture, we will work together analyzing your business KPIs, tactics, and strategies. We identify the main metrics of your category, assessing your branding positioning against your competitors, presenting an overview with the key aspects to be developed by your business.

Immersion IN

We dig deep into your business, evaluating processes, culture, and goals.

Immersion OUT - Expectation vs Deliver

We analyze your customers’ touchpoints 360°, from the surge of their needs, passing through their decision making, buying experience, until their perception after using your product/service.

Brand Perception

  • Brand voice and tone

  • Brand promise and delivery

  • Consistency

  • Communication Channel: Campaigns, website, social media



We develop plans with our unique methodology, the result of over 15 years’ experience. It encompasses the best online and offline business practices to reach established goals.

Goal Definition

We submit your goal to a relevance test to make sure it is going to lead your company to what you want.

Marketing Plan

We identify business’ opportunities, sometimes hidden in the daily tasks, to create a great business plan for your company. Also, we create personalized marketing tactics to support your business strengths and acquire more customers, as well as increase existing customers’ recurrency and business referral.

Strategic Direction

We deliver a report with improvements suggestions for a new marketing strategy—a unique report made exclusively to your company.



We offer a network of carefully selected expert partners to execute the strategy defined, ensuring quality and optimized results.

Focused on the Strategy

Through briefings and straightforward meetings with our partners, we make sure that the designed strategy is executed.


Why should you use one of our partners:

  • Competitive Price
    We believe services must have fair prices, and in accord with what similar quality companies are offering in the market.

  • Specialized
    Our partners are not just specialized, they must be awarded in the field they work.

  • Peace of Mind
    When you choose our partners, you build a stronger negotiation position for deadlines and delivery quality, as the executor has to report and satisfy your company and Insight47.